Talent is the product of a sound educational system that develops and enhances the skills of an individual in every aspect to enable him to meet challenges boldly and progressively.

How does a country like Malaysia nurture its talents? Isn’t it through a sound educational system which is progressive and benchmarked against world class educational systems? Shouldn’t such a sound educational system be delivered in the country’s schools, colleges and universities?

In the coming future, how can Malaysians talk about retaining talent when they can’t even produce world class talents?

Refusing to acknowledge the core of the issue, which is a sound educational system, will only foster a delusional mind-set among the country’s population that it is capable enough to face the onslaught of globalisation in every field of endeavour.

Doesn’t the talent pool of a country come from its progressive educational system?

The Malaysian experience has been far from satisfactory. It still relies heavily on foreign talents in critical areas of the economy. In an economy which is interdependent with the rest of the world, Malaysia cannot isolate itself abruptly. To do so will tantamount to shooting itself in the leg.

Reality demands proactive and immediate solutions which will not be detrimental to its existence. Yet, the reality has not really ‘sunk into’ the subconscious of the majority of the population in Malaysia. The reality of providing an all-encompassing educational system which serves to empower its citizens to face the harsh realities in the economically progressive world becomes greater.

Man is a reasoning animal. When he can’t reason sensibly as to what is the total good for himself and society as a whole, he is a brute. He can never be saved from such depths of brutishness. His death is certain.

Some societies have collapsed from within. Does the same fate await Malaysia?