Many in the world today are very much affected by the price of necessities that they require for their daily needs. It behoves governments to make it accessible to the common citizenry to buy these daily necessities at affordable prices. And that means governments need to rein in business entities which charge exorbitant prices by claiming all sorts of excuses in the form of escalating prices of goods subject to market forces. Instead, in most cases, governments work hand in glove with business entities to squeeze dry the common citizenry of their basic rights to daily necessities.

In spite of the fact that the study of economics has made many advances for the past two centuries, governments and business entities still can’t fathom the basic workings of the subject as it cannot be tested in a laboratory like the physical sciences. But through trial and error in the study of economics, we can mitigate our economic hardships by instituting measures that serve to ensure its workings without the necessary agendas on the part of governments and business entities. When agendas come into play, even the best science can be manipulated by vested interests to promote their causes under the guise of common sense, fair play and concern for the ordinary people.