Investigate and determine the truth before passing judgements.



Religious scriptures are not applicable in the current times.

If religion is indeed the panacea for ALL ills, some countries should not be in the third-world category right now. Hence, my contention that religions are misplaced in the current world reality today. Have you ever wondered why Europe and North America are economically strong today? The majority of their population gave up on Christianity a long time ago.

After the Renaissance (the age of new learning), they became better economically. Of course, countries in Europe fought one another. But they learned how to accommodate to one another’s whims and fancies.

Religions have never bestowed peace unto their adherents.


It is the “couldn’t-be-bothered” attitude that destroys the competitive spirit. In Malaysia, it is very common. People don’t want to go the extra mile to do a good job. Forget about perfection. Everything is done in a half-baked manner. With the “couldn’t-be-bothered” attitude, complacency rules.


A strong European Union (EU) led by the Franco-German axis can spell economic trouble for the lone Britain and its erstwhile muse, America. The Americans may start flexing their muscles through their military might to make the EU toe the line. As a result, trade among nations will be decided by countries in an economic bloc. Is this the beginning of a New World Order?