It is not necessary for one to write for profit alone. Many write for the sheer love of writing and some of them do it successfully through their blogs. If an opportunity presents itself, they may even publish a book along the way. So, write for the pleasure of writing to inform or educate others. Entertain your reading audience and they may reciprocate by following your blog or buying your books in the future.


The reality of the present educational system of many countries around the world is very depressing. Gone are the days when quality education was delivered by good and competent teachers well-versed in their respective subject-matters.

It all boils down to good governance. When a government is serious about the welfare of its citizens, it will put in place the necessary facilities to ensure the relevance of the nation in the long-run.


“Happenings should exhibit an INTELLIGIBLE PATTERN for man to understand them”.

Therefore, the resultant drop in the price of crude oil followed by fluctuating prices since July 2014 exhibit an intelligible pattern for any layman to conclude that the demise of the oil empire may be a reality in the coming days or months.

Only those who live in the clouds are out of touch with reality on the ground.


My thirteen-year-old son experienced something related to horrendous teaching by a so-called teacher in a science laboratory in a private teaching centre last year. The teacher used the laptop to present a topic on plants. It was a documentary running into thirty minutes. The teacher gave some instructions and helped here and there. Overall, the teaching was a failure even though there was no interference by the teacher except in certain instances. Despite watching the documentary, my son wasn’t satisfied as more questions popped up in his mind and the teacher wasn’t knowledgeable enough to answer his questions on the said topic despite being a degree holder.
Knowledgeable teachers are still needed to explain the intricacies of a subject-matter to their charges as they will be able to handle questions from students and deal with them confidently.


Organisations don’t really make progress continuously as they are staffed by deadwood or people who fear others better than they. Judging by the current economic conditions around the world, MOST organisations will strive to seek and retain individuals who are worthy in the long-run to remain relevant in the business world.


As elected representatives entrusted with the running of a country, politicians are expected and required to be responsible and accountable not only for their promises made during election campaigns but also for their foresight to overcome any malady affecting the nation’s economy in the coming future.

Politicians are not gods on earth and they are not expected to display godly qualities by their electorate. But politicians who run the economy of any country MUST put the interests of the nation and its citizens first and foremost. Politicians MUST NOT put their interests first when they see any event popping out of nowhere as an opportunity to make money for themselves and their cronies (leeches).

As the electorate is not entirely dumb to know what is ACTUALLY going on, it demands its politicians to stay the course of serving the nation and its citizens at all times, be they good or bad.