I am not an economist or an accountant. I am just a simple layman who works and struggles hard to earn a decent living. For a simple layman like me, every cent counts. I don’t have the luxury to overspend or donate to others.

When a government introduces a fund for its citizens to settle its debts, it is whimsicality at its best.

“Governments exist for the preservation of people and property.”

It is not the other way around.

Governments don’t exist to appeal to their citizens to donate generously for the efficient administration of their respective countries. Such governments are not governments at all. They are abominations.

Citizens don’t exist to preserve a government. Citizens participate with a government in realising the nation’s objectives in all spheres of development – economic, political, social, etc.

Are all the citizens so filthy rich that they can donate generously to settle a country’s debts? What happens when even some citizens with good-paying salaries lose their jobs in the coming months? Will those citizens still be patriotic to contribute to the government’s fund when they have other mouths to feed?

In the present global economic scenario, things and events are very negative indeed. Nothing is certain. The only certainty is that people around the world are very jittery about what is happening in the global economy. They are anxious. And they are even more anxious when they see that their governments and policymakers can’t produce concrete countermeasures to stabilise their respective struggling economies.

Why does a country have political parties? Why does a country have politicians, who are the elected representatives of the people, in a parliament? Why does a country hold General Elections? Why does an electorate of a country give the mandate to a coalition of political parties to run the affairs of a state? Why is there SUCH A THING CALLED A GOVERNMENT IN A COUNTRY?

Is it the duty of a government to solicit donations from its citizens to settle the country’s debts?

When a government solicits donations from its citizens to settle its debts, it has failed in its duty to govern a country effectively.

That government has started on the wrong footing and even an ordinary layman can tell very confidently that such a government cannot govern for a very long time.

Instead of depending on a government to run the affairs of a state, the citizens can pool all their financial resources and appoint special groups of people to oversee the running of a country. In that way, there will be no need for a government at all. In that way, there will be no headaches concerning selfish and wily politicians who rob the country’s coffers high and dry. In that way, the citizens will not be subjected to fear, threats, racial abuses and whatnot from “the insidious and crafty animals” called politicians and their so-called leaders.

Citizens who donate to a fund to save the country from financial ruin are doing their patriotic duty. They are PATRIOTS.

What about the citizens who can’t donate to the fund? What about the citizens who refuse to donate to the fund? Are they TRAITORS to the country?

When I refuse to donate to the fund voluntarily, does that make me a traitor to the country?

When a person donates voluntarily, he should not be branded as a patriot.

When a person does not donate voluntarily, he should not be viewed as someone who is not doing his patriotic duty to his country.

Donating voluntarily to a fund set up for the purpose of settling a country’s debts does not equate to showing patriotism for one’s country. That is POTTED THINKING.

Suckers who fall flat to such potted thinking need to stand on their heads for hours to allow the blood from other parts of their bodies to flow into their brains. That gush of blood flow into their brains will enable those suckers to think with a clear head when it comes to the actual duties of a government in running the affairs of a state. In Yoga, they have a name for such a posture, Sirsasana or The Headstand. It makes one look younger too.

When young children (the offspring of misguided parents) use their piggy banks to contribute to a fund set up to settle the debts of a country, it is really demeaning and it doesn’t make any economic sense.


Once that first book becomes an international bestseller, they should write the second book: HOW TO SETTLE THE DEBTS OF A COUNTRY, USING DONATIONS FROM CITIZENS AND THE PIGGY BANKS OF YOUNG CHILDREN.

Smith, Keynes and Marshall will squirm in their graves. “Why didn’t we think of that, huh?! Solve all the economic problems of a country, using donations from citizens and the piggy banks of young children.

As usual, the ordinary citizens are being taken for a ride, AGAIN. The ordinary citizens are compelled in a subtle manner to contribute to a fund that will help settle the country’s debts when they are already burdened with a high cost of living following the abject failure of the previous government to govern well.

Why does the present government turn to its burdened citizens to contribute monetary wise to a fund? Shouldn’t the present government slash the unnecessary expenditure and wastage accumulated under the previous government? Shouldn’t the present government hold the previous administrators accountable for the huge debts?

When a country is attacked by an external enemy, the soldier must do his duty to protect the country and its citizens. The soldier doesn’t run to the people for help in defending the country during war. As a soldier, he understands his duty very well and he is expected to defend and die for the country.

It all boils down to the question of DUTY. When a citizen votes a new political coalition to form the government of a country, he has done his duty as a voter. That citizen expects the new government to do its duty by acting like a government of the day! That citizen doesn’t expect his new government to solicit for donations from the people. That government is indeed an abomination!

I would rather have no government at all.


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