There is no foolproof method where educators can find out what type of learner any child, teenager, student or adult learner really is. In most cases, armed with solid knowledge in the subject matter, passion for teaching and a sympathetic attitude towards any type of learner, a teacher, lecturer or trainer can contribute tremendously in the learner’s intellectual development and his or her hunger for knowledge.

The whole idea is to keep the learner engaged and so engrossed in the subject matter that he or she will endeavour to seek extra knowledge in that subject matter independently. In my humble opinion, the teacher has produced a self-dependent being who contributes to the greater good of society that he or she lives in.

An educator’s true reward is the indelible impression he or she leaves on the psyche of learners forever. Many great teachers have left their impression on me till today. I remember their faces and names. I definitely don’t remember the faces and names of teachers who just treated teaching as a job.


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