What is the purpose of a blueprint?

In layman’s terms, it is like a map that guides an individual to his destination successfully. What about blueprints related to educational policies? Shouldn’t those blueprints show practical and tangible results in the objective world of education for all to see?

In the Malaysian context, blueprints concerning education are total failures. Ask any layman on the streets of Malaysia, he seems to be more disillusioned with all the blueprints on education being rolled out. He has lost count on the number of blueprints on education till today.

To the layman in Malaysia, blueprints on education are bolts of lightning out of the blue from nowhere.



The depths that some people stoop to really amaze me sometimes.

Flattery is a monster that rears its ugly head among those who want to achieve something without the necessary toil. Flattery is a shortcut to success. So what about those who work hard to earn a decent living? Should they just disappear into oblivion? Can the world progress with flatterers throwing their weight around everywhere?