QUESTION: If you could rid the world of ONE thing, what would it be?

ANSWER: Religions as they sow only hatred among their followers.

People go to great lengths for their religions. They will fight tooth and nail for their religions in debates. They will lay down their lives for their religions in conflicts. They don’t mind killing one another to ensure the viability and soundness of their beliefs. They are under the delusion that GOD is with them and for them in their nefarious activities. Mankind needs to grow up.

Why is the world in conflict when religions are such precious things to most people?

My issue is not with God but with religions. God is not religion. Religion is not God. God and religion are two different and separate things. Man can reach out to God without religions too. Although religions supposedly enjoin their followers to recognise and worship God, they have failed to unite mankind into one homogeneous whole. Instead, with religions in mankind’s midst, people the world over have become more divided.

God existed before religions. Mankind co-existed with one another with the usual conflicts common to man before religions. After the introduction of religions, mankind added another feather to the cap – religious conflicts. Till today, these religious conflicts haven’t ceased yet. They are getting more pronounced.