At the rate of things happening for the worst in the world today, one can surmise that the balance is being restored. For far too long, the world has thrived on “whatever means to an end”. People around the world are sensing in their hearts that something “unusual” is taking place.

The world has come to this present state because evil in its various forms and through its various agents has flourished unchecked. So, when the opposite, which is the restoration of good, takes place, upheaval is the result and friction is bound to happen.



Looks like the plunge in oil prices threatens to plunge the world into economic chaos too. Oil and gas companies around the world are already gearing up to face the tough challenges that lie ahead in the industry.

So, what happened to the so-called Leadership? Shouldn’t Leadership display itself in times of crises too? Or is Leadership applicable only in good times? Food for thought.