Education delivered in either university or vocational colleges should stimulate the students to think. Schools should pit the thinking skills of students against a rigorous educational system. Thinking produces a matured and reasonable individual who is able to embrace life with confidence.

It is pointless to have a higher education which doesn’t help one to think and solve problems in a rational manner. Even the less educated or uneducated display thinking skills to some extent in their respective vocations. Shouldn’t higher education then provide thinking skills to a higher level?

The world needs thinkers who are also talented in their fields. The world needs serious thinkers who are able to detect the common thread inherent in a situation and solve them immediately.

Unfortunately, in the present world today, education in its different stages has been commercialised at the expense of quality education that enables a person to savour knowledge to its utmost.



War can help a country economically and deviate the population from the ills plaguing the said country. War can also perpetuate a leader’s hold on power indefinitely. War has many uses for the cunning in power. It can all be summed up in one word – PROPAGANDA.