“Definition is the remedy for ambiguity.” – Lord Riddell.

May this definition of thinking serve to enlighten others on the gist of this article.

“Creative thinking can be learned – but only when two fundamental conditions have been established. First, there must be a need to be satisfied, a difficulty to be overcome, a problem to be solved. Second, there must be a knowledge and comprehension of essential facts and principles; otherwise creative thinking can never occur.” – J. Stanley Gray, Professor of Psychology, University of Georgia.

Can’t one then surmise that thinkers ARE learners? If one doesn’t think, one cannot and will not learn. Where does FUN fall in this thinking and learning? The depth in thinking makes one a better learner than one’s peers. Isn’t the goal of any organisation to be staffed with people who provide creative solutions in their respective fields? Can staff find solutions by being “funny” and throwing antics in the workplace?

Or take another quote from John Dewey – “Experimental thinking, or scientific reasoning, is thus a conjoint process of analysis and synthesis, or, in less technical language, of discrimination and assimilation or identification.”

To quote J. Stanley Gray again – “A cardinal principle of learning is that WHAT is learned is determined by WHAT IS DONE in the process of learning.”

Hence, if one is trained or instructed to THINK in the process of learning, one has naturally learned how to think along proper lines.

People who think deeply and seriously don’t just drop from the sky. And only a minority group are born intelligent. The majority can be taught to become thinkers in schools, colleges and universities that promote thinking skills in their educational systems.


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