This whole idea of fun in teaching and training has no place whatsoever in schools, colleges, universities and the workplace. What REALLY happens is that the teacher or lecturer vows the students with his or her personality as well as teaching. One good trait that a teacher should possess is humour. And what REALLY happens is that a trainer vows the trainees with his or her personality and humour. But all this is ONLY possible when the teacher or trainer is well-versed in the subject matter and the delivery of it in a manner that allows the trainees to absorb effortlessly.

When fun in teaching as well as training is taken to the extreme, it is utter mayhem. This is very apparent when the student and trainee learn nothing concrete which will aid them later on in their working life. They will discover to their horror that the workplace is not a ‘fun-filled’ environment. Instead, it is a place where they have to deliver or receive the boot!

As it involves one’s livelihood, should one then display fun in the workplace? Watch how the superior reacts.  He or she will come crashing on the person like a ‘tonne of bricks’. Shouldn’t one then strive to learn and work in an environment that promotes true learning and working. Real competition demands serious learners and workers who perform not only independently but also intelligently.

Economic powerhouses are not built on the ideals of ‘fun’ in learning, teaching or training. During economic crises, they exhibit the ‘power’ to stay afloat economically when others sink into economic malady.

Economic struggles are not easy to overcome. They must be grappled at the outset by minds taught and trained in rigorous standards of education. These standards are not the outcome of a ‘fun-filled’ syllabus. And these standards apply even more in the training field in which adults are at the forefront of an organisation.

Organisations grow or decline by the people staffing them and they should be adequately trained in a serious manner. True results are obtained only this way in the training field.

While some nations are busy promoting fun in their teaching and learning spheres, other nations are busy blazing trails in the economic field. In this way, they aspire to improve businesses and create jobs which help them economically.

Imagine a country with its soldiers drilled in fun at the workplace going to war? The military establishment is a workplace staffed with working adults too. As working adults, who undergo training and drilling from time to time, shouldn’t the soldiers have fun? Introduce fun in all workplaces including the military.

What about staff, who have been entrusted with a country’s reserves, finances and capital, in central banks and securities commissions? Inject fun into their workplaces and the said country goes economically bankrupt.

Fun in the workplace allows two foreigners with fake passports pass through immigration to board a plane. Fun in the workplace allows an unidentified aircraft pass through the airspace of a country undetected. Fun in teaching and learning naturally transfers to one’s working environment as everything is taken lightly and funnily.

Humour puts people in a relaxed mode. Fun turns them into gorillas beating their chests non-stop.

When people say fun, what they really mean is humour which enlivens the teaching. learning or training environment.

Therefore, don’t let fun replace true teaching, learning and training.


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