Citizens, being members of the state, demand and expect a secure nation in which they are able to carry out their daily activities without fear from external threats.

An external threat, no matter how insignificant it is, MUST NEVER BE TAKEN LIGHTLY!

It is the duty of a state to provide security measures internally and externally. In times of crises, relating to the breach of security of a nation, citizens should not be so docile as to thank the government in helping them overcome security issues. Docility breeds incompetence!

Instead, they should demand an explanation as to why the security of the nation was compromised in the first place!

Commercial airliners are fraught with risks when they fly passengers. There is always an element of risk in whatever we do. Even a simple act of crossing the road in a secluded area has its risks.

But when a jetliner crosses the borders of a country undetected on military radars, it is the greatest act of buffoonery on the face of the earth.

This ‘MOTHER OF ALL BUFFOONERY’ reveals the lackadaisical and bungling attitude of the security forces of a nation.

Prevention is better than cure. Things happen out of the blue. And these things don’t necessarily have to spring out from the blue ocean. It can spring from anywhere.

Shouldn’t such acts be prevented from happening in the first place? Shouldn’t the security forces of a nation be trained to expect the unexpected?

Of what profit participating in military exercises with other countries when a country can’t even get its security act together? Of what profit having military personnel like GOMER PYLEs? These GOMER PYLEs may even end up shooting their own citizens for all one knows.

In this aspect, education and training make a lot of difference between life and death.



Power is needed for good and base ends.

To do good or evil, one must possess power. To reach the masses, one needs internal power.

When imbued with internal power, it will show outwardly. If one doesn’t possess internal power to do good or evil, nothing will happen in the objective world. History is a testament to that.

Leaders infused with power to do good or evil have sprung unto the world throughout recorded history. Their exhibitions of power have left a lasting impression on the world.

And those who exhibit such internal power are true leaders who are born, not made.