Quality and free education should be available to the masses. It becomes incumbent upon the state (as a provider) to see to it that the masses receive such an educational system. Failure by the state to provide such a quality educational system to the masses is an indication of the failure of the state. Some states have the foolish notion that education should be free to the masses. That’s only the tip of the iceberg. What about quality education that equips and prepares one to face the onslaught of globalisation boldly? It should be the kind of quality education delivered in the medium of instruction called English.

Being the lingua franca of the world, English is here to stay. Many see but few observe that. Their failure to observe stems from the fact that they are unable to compete with others on a level playing field. The world is shrinking into a global village. Australia, Canada, US, Taiwan, etc. happen to be in the same neighbourhood. This is what many FAIL to observe. This failure is due to an arrogant and misconceived perception that things on the economic front in their countries will remain rosy all the time. Economic uncertainties have a way of thrusting themselves forward unannounced. What with countries forming pacts to co-operate economically is another indication where the world is heading.

The necessity of economic co-operation has now broken down borders amongst countries. Anyone who still wants to remain jingoistic does so at his own peril. When the stomach is empty, the head will be forced to find quick solutions. Two options are available – change or anarchy. Change requires courage┬áto observe things as they are in their true perspective and to tackle issues pertaining to the economy before they metamorphose into full-blown economic collapse leading to anarchy.