Change is an ugly word. It sends shivers down one’s spine.

Competition is an even uglier word. It makes one spineless for that very moment that the word is mentioned.

Change is inevitable. Competition is mandatory.

When one refuses to change, it affects him alone.

When one refuses to compete, it affects society.

Those who fear competition are the greatest visualizers on earth. They tend to visualize unreal things in a real world. To say that they are deranged is very harsh. ‘Hallucination’ is a better word for this group of people. At least, they are given the opportunity to imagine in their ‘mind’s eye’ things which they cannot imagine in the real world.

To say that they are idealists is to stamp a philosophy unto their hallucinations. In philosophy, idealism is an imaginative treatment or representation of things in ideal form. It does not lend credence to this group of people.

So why do people fear to compete? Is it because they will lose their identity in the process of competing? Or is competition a ‘tsunami’ just waiting to wash them away?

The English saying ‘a storm in a teacup’ comes to mind. I think this saying is meant for this group of people. Take another saying, ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’.

When they see a teacup, they actually see a storm brewing in it. Not the tea.

When they see a molehill, they visualize a mountain which is impassable.

Is there a remedy for such people? The answer is no. They have become so accustomed to hallucinations that a reality check will only agitate them further. They are like a volcano ready to erupt and unleash its destruction unto the surrounding areas.

Competition will rear its ugly head one day. It is not something that you shove under the bed. If you shove it under the bed, it will rock the bed. And when the bed is rocked vigorously, a lullaby can’t stop it from rocking. It will only rock it harder until the sleeper is thrown off the bed. There go the sleeper and the bed.


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