The teacher makes a difference. This statement has far-reaching consequences in the field of education and training. How a teacher conducts a lesson is very important. Lessons should be conducted using the scientific method. In other words, a teacher needs to be very methodical in his teaching. Teaching then becomes a craft which leaves an indelible impression on young minds to probe further into their academic subjects independently.

The teacher is then entrusted with a monumental task – to mould a student’s mind for the betterment or destruction of mankind. Make no mistake about it. Teaching is a profession that must not be trifled with. Only those who have the true passion for teaching or have been thoroughly trained in the art and science of teaching by expert teachers, who are passionate teachers themselves, should bear the burden and responsibility of teaching the young. Otherwise, it becomes a case of the blind leading the blind. This is very apparent when one inquires the students who can’t even articulate clearly and confidently on the subject matter previously taught by a teacher. In all fairness, some students don’t pay attention in class or are playful. However, the majority of students will pay attention if lessons are delivered in an interesting manner. It is this group of students that the teacher should target in his teaching.

When lessons are conducted in an interesting manner calling forth the student’s ability to think methodically, they become a lively exchange of intellectual training between the teacher and student. A teacher that concentrates all his available resources in delivering the subject matter in an organised manner has won the interest and concentration of the student. The student becomes a willing participant in the process of learning. It is this willing participation on the part of the student that the teacher should bring to the fore. Those who fail to do this have failed utterly as teachers and in the art and science of teaching.


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