Believe it or not, intelligence is a quality which really helps an individual to adapt to any kind of work environment. The trail blasters are not only those who think out of the box but also those who are daring enough to come up with extraordinary ideas which contribute to the well-being of society in the long run.

There are bound to be gaps between what academia offers to that of the requirements of an industry. Industry is evolving all the time. Its needs and requirements change according to consumers’ needs. Hence, adaptability is paramount if any industry (offering products and services) wants to remain relevant. This is where the intelligence of an employee comes into play. Routine jobs should be left to those who are not daring enough to take any responsibilities.

Qualifications have their importance but when presented with challenges which need to be tackled immediately, intelligent employees who can see the relationship inherent in a problem will boldly proceed to solve it. The world has witnessed people without high or no qualifications setting a benchmark for others to follow. Armed only with intelligence, boldness and foresight, these people have contributed tremendously to the betterment of mankind. Academia assists an individual to set the path of his future development. It does not guarantee worldly success in an individual’s life.