Incessant bickerings and unending dialogues on the standard of education in Malaysia are leading nowhere. Parents who are concerned about their children’s future are facing an uphill task to make their grievances known to the policy makers in charge of education. All their pleas and proposals are falling on deaf ears.

Where does that leave us and Malaysia? Some people can’t see it coming. They are so entrenched in their comfort zones that they refuse to accept reality. The reality is that Malaysia is gradually but surely losing its competitive edge with other countries in the economic sphere. What propels a nation? It is its human resources. Period. In order for a nation to compete globally, its human resources need to be trained via a sound and wholesome education. It is an educational system that equips its young population to become thinkers who can solve any problems relating to any sphere with confidence.

It is this type of educational system which is sorely lacking in Malaysia today. Educational standards are compromised for the sake of political expediency. Politics takes precedence over education. The rot has been there for decades. It is not something new that just appeared out of the blue recently. This rot will continue in the coming decades as long as the powers that be maintain a stranglehold over the educational policies of Malaysia.

Malaysians, who are serious about their children’s education (via the English language), need to realise that they are fighting a losing war on the psychological front. Three different races with their mental make-ups and idiosyncrasies are not easily swayed to switch to an educational system which entrusts their young to take on the world confidently. This group of people will fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo – an educational system delivered in their mother tongues. It is this group that is perpetuating the rot in the Malaysian educational system through politicians who practice race based politics.

How does one change the status quo? Isn’t it obvious that those who are clamouring for an English medium education in Malaysia are literally draining their energy out. It is such a big hoo-ha just to teach Science and Maths in English. What about having English medium schools? Can we have English medium schools in the coming decade? Not decades. Do you honestly think that it is possible to introduce English medium schools in the next 10 years? Don’t even entertain that idea.

Where does that leave Malaysia? In the doldrums. Malaysians will only realise when the concrete slab falls on their heads. A concrete slab in the form of economic chaos or economic disaster. At present, the world is undergoing lingering economic pressures with little or no end in sight. But one thing is certain. Some countries are trying their level best to raise their educational systems to empower their population in every aspect. Is Malaysia serious enough to do the same?