Possible Benefits of Home Schooling

‘Home Schooling’ is a real eye opener to the education system in Malaysia and the rest of the world where the current state of education is concerned. Malaysia’s state of education has fallen to such a deplorable and irreparable situation that nothing short of a miracle can extricate it from its current predicament.

Enter home schooling in Malaysia. A minority group of parents here have taken the initiative to home school their children for the sake of the children’s future. In Malaysia, state interference in educational matters has degraded the education system terribly. This is all done with the active participation of state actors to maintain a stranglehold over the compliant population to toe the line. Any sort of dissatisfaction from parents to the state of education is not entertained at all.

My son attended the national school here for a few years but we decided to teach him the necessary subjects after school. This was to ensure that he did not slip behind in his studies. Some teachers (not all) in Malaysia are not fit to teach at all. In their view, teaching is just a job that pays a salary at the end of each month.

Fortunately, I was a teacher in a private school and now am into training the English language for working adults here. Education is close to my heart. Hence, I am able to notice the difference in the education system of this country quickly. My wife and I pulled out our 10 year old son from the national school beginning January 2012. It was a wise decision. Two and a half years of teaching him at home the necessary subjects transformed into home schooling in January 2012.

Never ever tell a child that a subject or topic that he/she is learning is difficult. Always tell the child that it is easy provided the necessary backing in the understanding of the subject is made clear to him/her. In this way, the child can attempt difficult topics with relative ease. I have always endeavoured to teach my son using the logical method. What the child learns now must be logically related to what has been taught before. The child will be able to grasp the relationship easily. Right now, my son is attempting mathematical problems of that of a 14 year old. His English language command is strong. He is able to comprehend and articulate any piece of English prose easily.

The teaching of English, Mathematics and Science is not enough. The learning of History and English Literature is also important to develop his imaginative skills and teach him human nature. This is the holistic part of education.

In classical education, the TRIVIUM is composed of grammar, logic and rhetoric. Every country in the world should try to adopt this TRIVIUM into their education system. At the very least, I try to align my son’s home schooling based on these lines.

In short, what I’m trying to say here is that home schooling will be a success with the active participation of the parents. In this ‘rat race’ age, it becomes incumbent upon parents to ensure the proper development of their child/children.


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