Home Schooling

My wife and I conduct home schooling for our 10 year old son. We decided to teach our son at home when he was in Standard 2 itself. The reasons being that no teacher will teach the subjects in a proper manner, a lackadaisical attitude of the teachers towards teaching (their time is spent at canteens), a very, very, very SHALLOW knowledge of the subject matter despite they being graduates in their respective fields, etc. The list of negatives is endless. My wife teaches my son Science based on the Singapore syllabus whereas I teach my son Mathematics and English. I took the bold step of introducing my son to the School Certificate Mathematics and English taught in the early 1940’s to 1960’s in this country. My father bequeathed these books to me when he taught me Maths and English at home. After two and a half years of teaching my son in a logical way, he is able to solve mathematical problems at Secondary 2 level of the present Cambridge IGCSE O Level standard. The English syllabus that he is doing right now is that of the School Certificate standard days. He is able to identify the different parts of speech, compose sentences according to the three different structures, write essays skilfully, etc. The present Cambridge IGCSE O Level English paper is peanuts! It doesn’t test one on the mechanics of the language at all. Apart from the above, I also teach my son History (of Malaya and the world) and English Literature (in little doses suitable for his age). This is the holistic part of teaching. I have an interest in education as I have taught primary and secondary students the English language. I am not a school teacher. I am currently an English Trainer with experience in the corporate world. What my wife and I did two and a half years ago prevented us from many headaches and heartaches.


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